1- Supporting the higher education system and serving the staff of Saudi universities by providing information resources and services through the digital library portal.

2- Building a digital environment that keeps pace with technological advancements in the electronic publishing industry, which in turn will increase the speed of communication among researchers in the field of production and scientific publishing.

3- Acquiring digital books produced by prestigious universities worldwide, as well as those produced by global commercial publishers in various disciplines.

4- Facilitating the efforts of faculty members, researchers, and others in searching for information and accessing it in the digital environment.

5- Participating in electronic information sources among the members of the digital library.

6- Converting the paper-based information sources produced by Saudi universities (faculty members' works, master's and doctoral theses, scientific journals, research papers and conference proceedings, publications of Saudi universities) into digital sources.

7- Contributing to enriching the digital Arabic content through electronic publishing of valuable books and research papers.

8- Establishing a single entity to negotiate with publishers and obtain the best offers.