The Saudi Digital Library organized online workshops about the new Dissertation Deposit Service

The Saudi Digital Library develops many services that it provides to the beneficiaries, including the new Dissertation Deposit Service in its recent form. which enables students i.e., international students, to deposit their dissertations in the institutional digital repository at the Saudi Digital Library in an easy and fast way and according to the best and latest practices in dissertations depositing. The Saudi Digital Library has organized many online workshops aimed at the Saudi Cultural Missions members to introduce them to this service and what is includes of tools and procedures. It is noteworthy that this new service has reduced the average completion of scientific thesis acceptance to two hours instead of five working days in the previous dissertation deposit system. The process of depositing dissertations follows a number of procedures to ensure its validation and its metadata, and the depositor's data. The number of deposited dissertations from the Saudi international students is 38829 dissertations.

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